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How to Manifest Your Ideal Romantic Partner

handsThe first step in attracting your ideal partner is to create a vision of him or her complete with qualities across the board: physical, emotional, mental, financial, work-wise and spiritual.  While this is a good point of reference to gaining clarity on the type of person you are seeking it’s only one piece of the pie. In fact, it’s not enough to just create a vision of the ideal person you want to experience as a romantic partner. YOU NEED TO BE THE PERSON YOU ARE SEEKING.  This is what is called a “vibrational match” in Energy Psychology. Let me explain further.

Suppose you just created a vision of your ideal partner that has the following top ten qualities:

1. Thoughtfulness

2. Playfulness

3. Affectionate

4.  Sexy

5. Passionate

6. Kindness

7. Caring

8. Generous

9. Positive attitude

10. Understanding

Next, you would need to look at yourself. Are you the embodiment of these qualities you are seeking in your significant other? If not, start BEING them (start behaving in ways that reflect these qualities). On the other hand, if you said: “yes I am these qualities and I am still attracting manipulative dramatic partners into my life” then you need to go a step further into your psyche. You need to target the subconscious belief that says “you are ‘not’ worthy of receiving these qualities from another person” because obviously you don’t believe you are worthy of receiving these qualities from another person and you are a carrier of victim consciousness. Then you need to SHIFT that belief to its positive and believably AFFIRM (over and over) that you are worthy and deserving of receiving these loving qualities from another person. Most importantly, you need to FEEL that you are deserving of these wonderful qualities until you energetically feel your confidence and self-worth rise and radiate outward. When you can stabilize this high level of confidence (and thus minimize any insecurity) you will attract the partner that is radiating the same frequency as you. This is called a vibrational match.

To recap:

When you want to seriously manifest your ideal partner follow these steps:

1. Create your vision of the person.

2. Embody that which you seek.

3. Raise your self-worth and self-confidence and stabilize this higher frequency.

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